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A global name to source Aluminum Plain Ingot, Pumpkin Seeds, Canola And Rapeseed Oil, Kit-Kat Chocolate, Organic Cashew nut, ABS Computer Scraps and more.

About Us

As our tagline says, customer satisfaction is not a strategy but a commitment at our company, Nadpaka Poo-Duang Dao (Globe Market Trading LLC). Since our establishment, we have been relentlessly working to make the shopping experience of our customers with us, a memorable one by offering them quality products and services. This has made us earn a reputed position of a manufacturer and trader in the market. We deal in wide variety of products, some of which are manufactured at our company and some are traded from the other business entities. However, we ensure that each and every product is of top quality. From Pumpkin Seeds, Canola And Rapeseed Oil to Fresh Orange and Aluminum Plain Ingot, etc., we have got almost everything with us to suffice different requirements of our customers. The success of our company enabled us build another business entity in the Denmark with the name Vesterbrogade 124 ApS. This is our sister company and helps us build our brand equity in the nearby regions.

Power of Employee Strength

One of the best known ways to develop and grow in a competitive business line is by focusing on the employee strength. Yes, employee strength is as important as the employee talent. With more number of employees, we can enhance our production and be consistent in our work. Making urgent and bulk deliveries also become easier when a business is backed by more number of employees. And, we are blessed to be backed by a team of 50 employees, each one of whom works with team spirit to achieve the common goal of our company on time.

However, this does not mean, we only focus on increasing the number of employees in our company. We pay equal importance to the skills and experience an employee possesses. Therefore, only those candidates are hired who actually deserve the job. Thus, we have following people in our company:
  • Production personnel,
  • Sales executives,
  • Quality controllers,
  • Research analysts, etc.

Business Expansion

Slow and steadily, we expanded our business from being a manufacturer to an exporter. By exporting 92 percentage of our Fresh Orange and Pumpkin Seeds all over the world, we established a strong foothold in International market, especially in the markets of Australia, Bangladesh, Aruba, Bahrain, etc.
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